Meet Alicia Bonahoom, M.A., L.L.P.

Alicia Bonahoom, M.A., L.L.P."Psychology has been a passion of mine since my senior year in high school when in my first psychology class I was exposed to the study of the mind and behavior.  My teacher challenged me to try to understand how we think, act and feel.  I knew then that I wanted to learn more about this field.  I went on to pursue double Bachelors degrees in Psychology and Social Work.  After learning more about the academic side, I was given the opportunity to do field work where I could start putting into practice what I had learned.  I helped at our University Psychology Clinic answering crisis calls, counseling walk in clients, and helping with the suicide and rape crisis programs.  It was then that I realized the impact I could have helping people in need.  This experience further fueled my interest in following this career path.  After graduating, I went on to work as a researcher at one of the leading hospital sleep research centers in Detroit.  I was given the responsibilities of helping conduct NIMH research studies assessing trauma patients for PTSD and concurrent sleep disturbances as well as studies for NASA evaluating the impairing effect of alcohol and sleep deprivation on an individual’s mood, performance, and sleepiness factors.  I was able to travel across the country presenting our research findings and publications at annual conferences.  While I loved immersing myself in research, I knew I wanted to move back to working more directly with people applying the research and knowledge in ways that would help improve their daily lives.  I began the pursuit of my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy at Wayne State University.  Since graduating, I have been fortunate to work in both outpatient clinics and private practice settings applying the knowledge and foundation from my training to help individuals, couples and families facing a variety of issues that impact their health and daily life.  Because I believe strongly in education and the need to stay current with research and the literature, I have also maintained a position at Wayne State University assisting Master and Ph.D. students in their Adult Psychotherapy and Marriage and Family Therapy coursework.   Helping students incorporate different theories and skills into their style of practicing psychotherapy has in many ways helped me to hone my own skills as well.  I feel fortunate to be able to collaborate with people to help them overcome obstacles and challenges by building on their strengths and opportunities to make positive changes in their lives."

Earned a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy from Wayne State University after receiving her  Bachelor of Arts degrees from Miami University of Ohio in Psychology and Social Work.  In addition to private practice where she specializes in individual, family, and couple therapy with a particular focus on treating depression, anxiety, relationship and divorce issues, PTSD, grief, social and interpersonal problems, she also assists teaching Adult Psychotherapy and Marriage and Family Therapy courses to Masters and Ph.D. students at Wayne State University.